Zane Trace National Trail Model Railroad Club 

The Club has been in existence for over 40 years and this is the third layout at this location. The club is located in Zanesville, Ohio and is typically open on Tuesday and Saturday evenings at 7:30. You may contact a club member to schedule a visit.

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  News:  Our Club was featured in the Nationally Published Magazine "Model Railroader"
 In the May Edition, 2006

Updated 3-29-08

About  our layout.
(i know that this is a little out of date, but i will update it as i get updated)
The modern era Market Street Yard is home to the railroad's primary freight classification, it houses a diesel servicing facility, and a inter model yard.  Eastbound departing the yard, you pass through Junction Springs, Oh.  After rolling through southeast Ohio, and its rolling hills you enter a tunnel.  On exit of the tunnel you arrive at New River Mining Company's "Champion Mine", and Oil Well siding, the shortly arrive at Midland, Oh.

At Jackson, Oh, the two mainlines interchange with one another at the Jackson-Wellston Belt Railway in Jackson yard.  Beyond Jackson, two towering spans cross the scenic "Little Raccoon Creek Gorge".  Then the lower mainline heads its way into a tunnel.  Emerging from Neil Island Tunnel, the line climbs up the Ohio River grade, through Briggs cut, and crosses the Ohio River on a two track through truss bridge into West Virginia.  Now in West Virginia, a high viaduct carries both tracks through downtown Vienna. 

After crossing the Hughes River and passing a row of traditional company houses at Burning Springs, WV the line plunges into Buzzard Run Tunnel, briefly emerges at Creston Gap, and immediately enters into Creston Gap Tunnel.  Rolling downgrade toward the Kanawha Valley, the line passes Cordova Creek Lumber Company, with several of its steep grades and switch backs visible from the main.  The yard at Nitro WV, is used for "visible" staging.  In the middle of the Charleston Loop, Gooden Yard sits, with its turntable, and roundhouse.

Now heading back into Ohio, the line emerges climbing the Constitution Tunnel grade to "TG Tower".  Back now in Southern Ohio Coal Country, along Gallia siding, Munday Creek Coal Company #1 is in the foreground, while the New Gallia Coal Company's tipple towers are in the background.  Through Flemming Oh, the line crosses Spanky Run and passes the Gob pile at SO dump.  After crossing Little Raccoon Creek again, the line revisits Jackson Oh. 

The last stop before arriving back at Market Street is the "National Republic Steel's Castings and Manufacturing plant, and the Massive Oil Refinery.  The huge Steel plant is based on a Maryland prototype but is representative of any midwest or east coast steel mill.

More to come in the following weeks......

Club News:

Spring open house,  and be sure to watch for us on the tv show "Tracks Aheadd" on PBS.  Several new photo's updated on the site including them of "Market Street Yard", the "Ohio River Bridge," the logging operations at the Cordova Creek Lumber Company as well. Be sure to join our yahoo group by following the link at the bottom of the page! Be sure to check out our photo page as well.  (I am currenty working on a beta version of a better photo page.)

Tom is working on getting the block signals up and running

ZTNT is in Model Railroader.


We get the News that we are going to be in Model Railroader's May 2006 Issue.
The club will be hosting an open house for the public November 14th and 15th from 12 to 6:00pm.  Everyone is welcome.  The club layout is located at the corner of 4th and Market St.  Enter through the Market st. door and go to the third floor.
New buildings and street detail added to Charleston loop section of the layout.  Installed the new Walthers three stall roundhouse with the attached diesel building and yard facilities.  Completed just in time for the open house.  Many thanks the Rick and Tom.

The club open house was a great success.  We had good crowds both days  Many interested people came in to view the layout and talk with club members.  During both days of the open house we had full dispatching of multiple trains operating on the layout the entire time of the open house.  We received many positive comments about the layout and operating equipment in use.

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